Welcome to Buitsalud

We are inspired by: Sensibility, Energy and Health.

We are pleased to foster and to keep the harmonic vibration of natural preparations vital energy.

The harmonic vibration remains unaltered so that it can comply with its therapeutically function.


Who we are

A company built from the Social Triformation upon a social ethic base and formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals with a wide experience in:

  • geobiology
  • art
  • economy
  • therapies
  • architecture
  • communication
  • pedagogy


  • The environmental education is an universal right
  • All that surrounds us is Energy
  • The Energy is the vital power that generates and propitiates the development of life
  • Energy and Health are inseparable


To educate and provide tools to the person and the society to preserve and protect the vital energy that facilitates the healthy connection with the environment.


What is BUIT?

The BUIT case originates from the need to transport natural medicine preparations and products, mainly those included within the energetic, vibratory and homeopathic lines, guarantying a perfect preservation of its formula and composition.


“… The BUIT system guarantees the inalterability of therapeutic properties of natural preparations as well as the proper functioning of its therapeutic and active principles in the body we are trying to balance”. See reference

Dra. María Pérez Benítez
Homeopathic physician, bioresonance Mora specialist

“… the importance of protecting these preparations in order to keep their harmonic vibration unaltered in order to accomplish their therapeutic objective. In my opinion, BUIT case fulfils perfectly this protective function”.  See reference

Dra. Alicia García
Doctor and floral Therapist

“I was pleasantly surprised by the Buit case, optimally designed by Alicia Tornos, because I noticed that the functionality it offers goes beyond what it announces; it not only preserves extraordinarily from electromagnetic fields but it also “blinds” the information encoded in a remedy … ”.  See reference

Marta Povo
acupuntora, medicina bioenergética integrativa, sanación en geometría lumínica, escritora y pedagoga

“Buitsalud is the answer to an unresolved problem: to ensure a better conservation and a better balance between magnetic fields and molecular structure”.  See reference

Clara Grace.

Why we should use buit?

Nowadays we live surrounded by systems of radiofrequency and telecommunications as useful for social development as unfavourable for our health. Published scientist studies demonstrate that high-frequency radiations generated by high-frequency systems and devices (from mobile phone to airport’ scans or WI-FI signals),  modify all elements where water is part of its composition. This affects all living beings but also all natural remedies such as homeopathy dissolutions, Bach flowers, bio-resonance among other products, where water is the base of their formulation. The exposure we are currently subjected is above the limits of reversibility of the tissues, and in the case of natural preparations, these radiofrequencies alter its energetic composition.

These studies and discoveries reveal the need to preserve natural preparations from concrete micro-waves in order to guarantee their energy, quality and properties.

We develop specific models of the BUIT-case adapted to measures and sizes of natural preparations packaging for companies and laboratories.


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